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FONCA’s Objections Part 1

As Chairman of Friends of Newlyn Conservation Area (FONCA) set up by residents of Newlyn to preserve the character, environment, heritage and culture of Newlyn Conservation Area, I wish on their behalf to lodge objection to planning applications PA15/09100 and PA/09197.

http://planning.cornwall.gov.uk/online-applications Planning ref PA15/09100

http://planning.cornwall.gov.uk/online-applications Planning ref PA15/09197.

In respect of PA15/09100 FONCA lodged an objection with, and made representations to, Penzance Town Council at their Planning Committee meeting held on 12th November 2015 when it considered and did not support the application on the grounds of potential parking and traffic problems that might be created. The sole reference guideline Penzance Town Council used in considering the application was the National Planning Policy Framework. This meant that other concerns FONCA has, particularly in respect of change of use of the cottages from residential to commercial holiday lets and the adverse effect this would have on the Conservation Area and the community of Newlyn as     well as creating a precedent for similar applications was not be taken into account.

In fact as it stands there is no local planning guideline to which the local residents of Newlyn have been able to contribute their views by way of consultation. The National Planning Policy Framework the only guideline used locally has not been consulted locally and as Cornwall Council has recognised and stated in making its case for Cornwall it is a poor fit for Cornwall. The anticipated Cornwall Local Plan and its envisaged Locality Plans have not yet been made available for consultation and the Penzance Neighbourhood Plan is at the first stages of being drawn up.

All that means the residents of Newlyn are in a particularly vulnerable position with respect to objections they might have for planning application proposals in the Newlyn Conservation Area simply because the National Planning Policy Framework fails to address such concerns.

FONCA knows that it is not the intention of Cornwall Council or Penzance Council that this situation should prevail and therefore requests in the interim before the residents of Newlyn have had an opportunity to contribute to the plans, they are agreed and then introduced, that special sensitiveness and consideration be given to FONCA’s views with regard to the two planning applications PA15/09100 and PA15/09197.

Part 2

FONCA objects to the applications PA15/09100 and PA15/09197 which it takes together because both applications apply to the one premises and one household.

They amount to changing the use of the cottage and two art studios within Newlyn Conservation Area to accommodation which will provide a potential 8 bedrooms each with its own integral bathroom and seating dining space for 14, leaving little living room space and a stated intent that the accommodation will be let as holiday lets.

This application also amounts to change of use by way of loss to the community of residential accommodation which up to now has been occupied continuously by one household. There is also a loss to the community of the art studios. Both are current resources, both contribute to Newlyn. There is a real benefit to the art culture identity which with fishing defines the character of the Newlyn Conservation Area. The application if granted will open the door to similar applications leaving Newlyn residents unable to protect themselves against the trend which has already occurred in Mousehole, Porthlevan and St Ives. Those settlements are deserted for the winter months when the holiday makers have gone leaving them little more than deserted holiday camps, in the summer it is the reverse. This destroys community. Availability of living accommodation for local working residents reduces, rents soar, businesses serving the community close and services are cut. That would be beginning of the end for Newlyn as we know it. Investment in Newlyn is wanted but not at the price of displacing the community, its culture, its heritage and its local economy.

An increase in population staying at the Orchard Cottage premises albeit transient, will immediately create increased road traffic in the surrounding narrow lanes which are already congested with traffic. Parking is in very limited supply, further demand created by cars brought in by the occupiers of 8 double bed rooms will be really detrimental to existing residents. Neither will provision of parking space within the site be acceptable because this would have to be at cost to the green area which is tiny in comparison to the size of the Conservation Area.

Fonca looks to Cornwall Council to heed the concerns of Newlyn residents especially in this interim period pending them having an opportunity to express their views about what their Conservation Area means to them through the Local and Neighbourhood Plans.






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